Hill’s Chapel Missionary Baptist Church is
located at the corner of Charles Bryan
Road and Raleigh Lagrange. The church
has been a part of the Bridgewater
Community since 1885.  

The original church was destroyed by
fire.  It was located about one mile from
the present site on Church Road (at this
time a dirt road).  

The church was built on land owned by a
white slave owner who saw the need for a
black church.  He gave the land to Bob
Hill, a black man in the community.  The
church was named Hill’s Chapel Baptist
Church in his honor.
Hill's Chapel Missionary Baptist Church
Church History
Rev. J. H. Walker was the pastor until 1958.  In 1958 Rev. J. F. Carter
became the pastor.  Many members contributed their time, effort, and
money to rebuild the new sanctuary in October of 1962.

Baptism was conducted in the Massy Pond at State Tech Institute until
1975 when the baptistery was built. Later the Fellowship Hall was built.
It was named the J. F. Carter Fellowship Hall.  After 32 years of service
Rev. J. F. Carter retired.

In June 1990, Hill’s Chapel M. B. Church elected Rev. Carlos Williams
as pastor.
Over the years the gospel was spread by a number of great preachers.  Rev.
Myers served as pastor for 20 years followed by Rev. J. H. Walker.  The
church was damaged by fire again in 1941.  Rev. J. H. Walker and other
members were relentless in their work to rebuild the church where it stands
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